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Goliath XD Subwoofer

Legacy's Deepest Performing Subwoofer!

The ultra-high performance Goliath XD subwoofer from Legacy will match the dynamic range of even the most efficient speakers.  Massive motors on dual 15" Silver/Graphite/Rohacell woofers provide world class performance and will handily deliver 130 dB of low distortion output.  Bass pressure in rooms will rise and fall so quickly that room boom and droning is not an issue.  Kettle drums will roll and thunder, kick drums will have visceral punch and pedal notes will surge with this Goliath of a subwoofer.

The XLR input feeds dual 1,000 watt amplifiers. Recommended system controller/crossover is Legacy's Wavelaunch processor.

Frequency range 12- 150 Hz with room correction and external crossover.

(2) 15" subwoofer drivers with Silver/Graphite/Rohacell composite diaphragm and vented motor structure
      lead wires are stitched into the spider to prevent wear and vibration.
   -  3 layer stacked magnet structure
   -  3 inch voice-coil
   -  ultra heavy duty cast frame
   -  rigid aluminum dustcaps
   -  gold plated terminals

(2) 15" custom weighted passive radiators to provide deepest extension without port noise

(2)  1,000  watt ultra efficient ICEpower® amplifier modules with auto-on and 'green' power saving mode
   -  Enclosure:  2.25" thick front baffle and top dark granite inlay on top, bracing and sidewalls are 1.125"

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Product Manual Download (4 MB)
Application: Highly Articulate reference grade dual sub-woofer system
System Type: Mutually coupled, dynamically stabilized
Subwoofer: Dual 15" Spun aluminum diaphragm, cast frame, ultra long throw suspension
Radiator: Dual 15" mass loaded, bottom & rear firing
Low Frequency Alignment: 8th order/Back EMF cancelling
Inputs: Dual XLR balanced
Internal Amplification: Dual 1,000 Watt ultra efficient ICEpower® modules
Frequency Response (Hz, +/- 2dB): 12-150 Hz Includes 24 bit processor
Impedance: 10K Ohm amp input
Phase Adjustment: Time adjustment in DSP
Blend EQ: 16 parametric bands in DSP
Max SPL: 130 dB @ 1m
Low Pass Filter Slope: Linkwitz-Riley 6/12/24/48 dB per octave
Crossover (Hz): 30 - 200
Dimensions (WxHxD): 18.125" x 40.125" x 19.125"
Weight: 190 lbs
Shipping Weight: 365 lbs
Available Finishes:

Legacy Goliath XD Subwoofer in Rosewood finish

Legacy Goliath XD Subwoofer in Curly Maple finish with Walnut trim

Legacy Goliath Subwoofer in Black Oak finish

Legacy Goliath Subwoofer in White Satin finish

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